How it All Began

Welcome to our cottage in the desert! I have loved cottagecore since I was a child and enjoyed seeing it bloom into a more popular aesthetic. I’ve tried to think of a way to make it more approachable for those of us who may not own acreage or live specifically in the countryside.

Enjoy the cottagecore lifestyle in your home

The most appealing features of cottagecore is the slower lifestyle with beautiful aesthetics like mother nature herself and handmade wares. It is the coziness of enjoying your surroundings and finding the beauty in seemingly mundane moments. It is not always curated in a photoshoot styled setup, although i do adore those lovely scenes, i am emphasizing how to be cottagecore exactly where you are. Not limited to a form of escapism but a way to romanticize your everyday life.

corina richards

Join us in the garden

At Daisy Moon Cottage, we believe in living slowly and sustainably, reconnecting with the earth and finding joy in the simple things. Our little cottage is the perfect place for us to do just that. I would love to have little ducks wandering afoot but my sweet cats in our suburban house is what’s within our family budget and goals for our family as well.

We are a family of four, and we invite you to join us as we share our journey of capturing petite joys by romanticizing each day together. So come on in, take off your shoes, and make yourself at home. We’re glad you’re here.

This website is dedicated to all things life – from eco-friendly living to slow travel to mindful parenting. We believe that every day is an opportunity to learn and grow, and we hope that our stories will inspire you to do the same.


Let’s make some magic together.

Get to Know Me

Forever On Repeat

florence & the machine

I’d spend all my money on

plants + books

My Birth Chart

☉ virgo, ☾ libra, ↑scorpio


hill country

My Favorite TV Show

gilmore girls

My Happy Place IS

in the garden

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My Favorite Person IS

my husband

Favorite Color Combo

lavender + peach + sage

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my cats!