Cottagecore Summer to Fall Transition Outfit ideas including a cardigan, a scarf, or socks.

Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

5 Easy Ways to Create Your Summer to Fall Outfits:

I love the feel of summer thunderstorms rumbling through the sky and cooling off our desert. We had temps in the 70s today for a brief while to break up the 100+ degrees we’ve been feeling lately. I love wearing my lighter summer dresses as it is still hot around here, but what to wear when that weather drops quickly? Here are 5 tips to use your wardrobe and create summer to fall transition outfits that will prepare you for the weather’s intermittent ups and downs.

  1. Cardigan – Morning Lavender
  2. Scarves – Old Navy
  3. Corset – Shop Astrior
  4. Blouse – Target
  5. Socks – Pyne & Smith

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Soft and lightweight a cardigan is easy to carry around or keep in the car just in case. They help to take away the chill that comes on during the day and transition between spaces. I love to keep on in my bag. The color of your cardigan should be an earth tone to really help you get into the fall spirit.


This is an unconventional item that most wouldn’t consider part of summer to fall transition outfits. A medium sized silk scarf can easily be worn in your hair while the weather is still hot and then you can take it down and wrap it around your shoulders as the evening temps cool down. They’re stylish and functional. If you’re done wearing it in your hair and your shoulders, you can tie it to your bag handle.


These are a fun addition to any wardrobe and essential to making your closet more cotttagecore. They come in a variety of styles and some are even reversible offering two color pallets to choose from. I especially like corsets with straps as I can control the fit better.


Add a long sleeved blouse under your dress. A longer sleeve can help to keep your arms warm and add a pop of color to your overall outfit. I love wearing contrasting colors to make a statement. You could also try wearing a long sleeved shirt that is similar to your dress color to create a flow between both materials.


Say hello to socks as a statement piece to add to your darling clogs and boots. A little lace across the edge makes the socks fall ready. You can dress them up or down – socks with a lace trim for a dressier look or socks with a knit pattern for a casual but fall look.

Did you find something to help you with your summer to fall transition outfits? Check out the links above for some great places to shop and add to your wardrobe. Better yet, browse through your closet and see what you can find and combine. Let me know if you have other tips to add or if you’ve trying out one of my suggested steps above.

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